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Ekodiesel Plus 50

Ekodiesel Plus 50 Diesel Oil

Ekodiesel Plus 50 manufactured by Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. [Polish Oil Company SA] is eco-friendly fuel. This modern diesel oil addressed to Diesel engine vehicles is featured with 7 times lower (0,005%) presence of sulphur than it is required in the European Union countries. Refuelling your car with Ekodiesel Plus 50, you contribute to lowering emission of sulphur into the atmosphere, and, at the same time you take care about the natural environment which surrounds you.

Appropriate for each season of the year

This product may be used in our climatic sphere throughout the whole year; even till temperature starts to fall during winter time to -25°C as it is produced and available in three variants:
  • summer
  • transitional
  • winter
Higher indicator of combustion quality characteristic for Ekodiesel Plus 50 guarantees much easier cold start-up and more efficient car running through raising Cetane Number that is responsible for antiknock qualities.

Resistant to microbiological contamination

All fuels produced by PKN ORLEN S.A. [Polish Oil Company SA], including Ekodiesel Plus 50 oil, are equipped with a set of biocides, protecting the fuels against microbiological contamination that impedes engines running.

For more information about the product go to the website http://www.orlen.pl

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