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The application provides the clients with the possibility to securely place orders for fuel deliveries, access financial information (balance, transfers, invoices), view contracts, and generate sales reports. Data is stored in accordance with the adopted security standard and protected against access from unauthorized persons.


A modern IT solution that speeds up the exchange of documents and minimizes formalities. Authenticity of origin and integrity of the contents of e-documents are guaranteed by a certificate with an e-signature. The application enables quick searching for documents, sorting by criteria, printing, copying to data carriers, and online access to a portal for Authorized Inspection Entities. Data security is ensured with a login and a password.


This application enables the client to plan the pick-up and loading of tanker trucks at PKN ORLEN Fuel Terminals. It also allows the clients to view the database containing basic information about the drivers and vehicles used to transport fuels and create orders for hand-overs. Access to loading terminals is possible only if the vehicle card and the PIN-secured driver card are presented.


ORLEN Paliwa maintains the largest tanker trucks fleet on the market that is also the most modern one.
  • The vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art mass-measuring systems and multi-stage security measures in order to control and monitor the transported product
  • Thanks to the optimum locations of our transport facilities, we are able to deliver the ordered product very quickly, inexpensively, and on time
  • We employ the services of reliable and specialized carriers that have extensive experience and offer high efficiency
  • Each month, we carry out 30,000 deliveries. Every month, distribution trucks cover more than a million kilometres, which means they could circle the globe about 24 times
  • Distribution trucks effect deliveries 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • The key element of our logistics is a network of storage bases that is a part of the logistics system of the ORLEN Group. The way in which fuel terminals are located allows for carrying out each order at an optimum costs

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