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Our offer

We offer bulk sales of high quality product to Clients interested in purchasing at least 100 tonnes of liquefied gas per week. All of our terminals are tax warehouses, which means that goods may be purchased under the suspended excise duty procedure (provided that the buyer presents a valid decision on operating a tax warehouse) or with the excise duty paid. Modern trans-shipment and storage facilities and qualified personnel guarantee professional and efficient services.

Terms and conditions of cooperation

  • Product: LPG
  • Quality: As per the requirements specified by the Minister of Economy in the Regulation of 28 December 2006 (Journal of Laws No. 251, item 185)
  • Origin
    PKN ORLEN refinery
    AB Mazeikiu Nafta refinery
  • Pick-up location
    FCA Płock
    DAF Svislocz/Siemianówka
    DDU tax warehouse in Poland
    FCA Sokółka
  • Period of cooperation: We offer fixed, one-year sales contracts and spot sales for product surplus
  • Price: Calculated on the basis of price formulas
  • Transport: The buyer’s tanker trucks or rail tankers. We also offer assistance in hiring tanker trucks and rail tankers
  • Terms of payment: Deferred payment is possible if a prepayment is made—in that case, financial security is required, e.g. in the form of a bank guarantee
ORLEN Paliwa disposes of LPG Marine Terminal in Szczecin. This Terminal is one of the three in Poland, the second largest in terms of storage capacity and the most advanced technologically when it comes to transloading services. It operates since July 2009. The terminal was built in place of the former storage base of PKN ORLEN in Szczecin. The quay is next to the Parnica river, which flows through the centre of the Port of Szczecin. Fuel related business activities were conducted there already before the World War II. It was designed to meet the requirements of such services as offloading, storing and shipping of LPG. Thanks to the advanced technical equipment, a reverse process is also possible. LPG can be offloaded from road tank cars and rail tanks to on-shore tanks and than to the tankers by using LPG compressors.

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