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Eurosuper 95

Lead-free petrol - Eurosuper 95

One of the most popular world fuels - 95 octane lead-free petrol, offered by ORLEN Paliwa Sp. z o.o. is produced in Płock by Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. [Polish Oil Company SA] in one of the most modern refineries in our part of Europe. Enriched with special oil additives, Eurosuper 95 petrol allows to take optimal care of any car engine.

Highest quality

The petrol produced in PKN ORLEN S.A. includes among others also the following oil additives:
  • detergent (keeps clean the inlet system and combustion chamber)
  • corrosion resistor protecting car’s engine and fuel system against corrosion
Tests conducted by the producer and the Institute of Oil Technology based in Cracow confirm that the Eurosuper 95 lead-free petrol allows to have the car power utilized fully. This fuel ensures balanced engine work and makes the car consume less fuel.

Every day saving

Powering your automobile with Eurosuper 95 lead-free petrol makes the car engine work in the right manner even when excessively loaded, both in case of low and high temperatures. Constant application of Eurosuper 95 allows to prolong the period before oil is exchanged due to lowering its consumption. The lead-free petrol protects the catalyst, prolongs its durability, and decreases hydrocarbon emission to atmosphere. At the same time it prolongs the service life of plugs and exhaust system.

For more information about the product go to the website http://www.orlen.pl

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