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Eurosuper 98

Eurosuper 98 lead-free petrol

Super Plus 98 lead-free petrol of the highest accessible 98 octane number is enriched with special oil additives that allow to take appropriate care of your car engine.

Take care about your car engine

Using Super Plus 98 lead-free petrol produced in Płock by Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. [Polish Oil Company SA] ensures not only right performance, but also balanced engine work and economical usage of the fuel. This product has been enriched with a packet of oil additives that among others guarantee keeping up the engine exhaust system clean.

Protect your natural environment

Super Plus 98 petrol is aimed to power car engines equipped with catalysts. This type of fuel does not include any tetraethyl lead, phosphorus or any dies. The minimal presence of sulphur (0,01%) not only protects the efficiency and durability of our vehicle catalyst, but it also makes the Super Plus 98 petrol environment friendly.

For more information about the product, go to the website http://www.orlen.pl

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